3 Reasons Why School Campus Modernization Matters

Innovation Middle School

Innovation Middle School

It is no secret that California schools’ maintenance and capital improvements have been long overdue. Statewide and nationally, schools have been underfunded for maintenance and operations, and these areas have traditionally taken a back seat to education expenses.

 An article, “America’s school buildings–like California’s­–need fixing” by Jeffrey Vincent, deputy director, Center for Cities and Schools | April 4, 2016 touched on another of the core issues as inequity,

 “Local districts have federal and state funds to help with maintenance and operations, but are largely dependent on the wealth of their communities for new construction and major renovations.”

Fortunately, many California districts have received funding through bond measures and are addressing inequities by developing plans to bring all school facilities into the 21st century.  Here’s why that matters:

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1)    Modernization improves student/teacher health and promotes engagement in the learning environment.

2)    Helps attract and retain high quality teachers.

3)    Is good for the community, increasing property values and encouraging community taxpayer support.

 Graphic Solutions has been honored to work with the San Diego Unified School District on a number of campus modernization projects, providing sign planning and graphics to promote school branding and STEAM programs. The results have been transformative.

 Innovation Middle School is an example of how Graphic Solutions’ environmental designs and branding might inspire student enthusiasm for learning.

Innovation Middle School lounge interior graphics

Innovation Middle School lounge interior graphics

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Innovation Middle School collaborative space