How Rebranding Helps Revitalize Communities

Gateway to El Cajon Boulevard

Gateway to El Cajon Boulevard

El Cajon Boulevard’s storied past began when it was part of U.S. State Route 80; the main route connecting all points east into San Diego.  Some of the City’s oldest hotels still operate along the busy strip, including the historically significant Lafayette Hotel, built in the Grand Colonial Style in 1946.

 The completion of Interstate 8 in the 1960’s reduced traffic and visitors to El Cajon Boulevard and many areas fell into disrepair.  In 1988, the El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association was formed to revitalize the many diverse communities along El Cajon Boulevard.

Graphic Solutions was honored to collaborate with the El Cajon Boulevard Business Association and the City of San Diego to develop a rebranding of this area, developing the name and iconic  gateway sign: The Boulevard.  Design solutions include a type-face reminiscent of the 1950’s and incorporating distinctive turquoise and coral colors as well as neon.  The bold design evokes a sense of optimism while honoring the area’s rich history. The project has won an Orchid Award and a national award from The Society for Environmental Graphic Design.

 This rebranding was the beginning of an ongoing renaissance of the Boulevard and surrounding neighborhoods.  Today, vacancies are down and property values are up. Exciting new plans are underway to build upon improvements, transforming communities surrounding The Boulevard into model, transit-oriented neighborhoods.

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